Recommended Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Radio Mexico 

At Radio Mexico they prepare just about everything from scratch. They value the simplicity of a food which honors home cooking, fresh ingredients, casual dining and good hospitality. Their speciality is tacos, served from our custom built carro de tacos. They serve only 100% agave tequila, and a list of Mexican beers as well as local and boutique favorites.

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 95 Espresso – Recommended

“Great coffee and amazing breakfast/lunch!! My fave here on Acland”

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The Banff – Recommended By Jessica Groves (Ray White Corporate)

The Banff has been part of St Kilda’s famous Fitzroy Street since 1947.What is today a trendy apartment building, back in the day 145 Fitzroy Street was used as an army barracks by American soldiers in World War II, and what is now known as the Banff restaurant, was then used as a galley to cook their meals in.

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The Pelican 

Open from 7.30 every morning, Pelican has been getting St Kilda’s day started for over 10 years.  Zucchini, Pumpkin & Manchego Frittata with roasted tomato jam, Baked Beans with Meredith goat’s cheese fetta & basil, or eggs however you like them, with whichever sides you feel like, breakfast at Pelican is a bit of an institution! Served until 2pm daily, no matter how late your day starts, they will get you back into it.
Share plates from midday through till 11pm, they encourage you to graze your way through the menu.  Everything is designed for sharing, with flavour influences from around the globe, there is something for everyone.

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